Accessibility Statement

Our company is committed to maximizing the user experience for all visitors on our website, with a focus on facilitating and streamlining navigation. The adjustments primarily target those facing challenges with mouse or keyboard usage and individuals with visual impairments.

If you encounter any difficulties accessing or viewing our site’s content, we apologize and encourage you to bring it to our attention.


The internet serves as a platform for self-expression and representation, playing a significant role in our social and political interactions. We conduct transactions, work, and engage more than ever through this medium. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure an enjoyable and straightforward browsing experience for everyone.

We allocate significant resources to make this site accessible to the general population, especially to people with disabilities. Our guiding principle revolves around human dignity and freedom, fundamental values in Israeli society where all individuals possess equal rights and essence.

Accessibility Component Usage:

This website integrates the ‘enable accessibility’ plugin, facilitating site accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

User Guide in the Menu:

* Site adjustment button and tags for assistive devices and technologies aiding people with disabilities
* Enabling keyboard navigation among the site’s links
* Toggle button for disabling flashing and/or moving screen elements
* Monochrome mode toggle (black and white) for color-blind users
* Sepia mode button
* High contrast toggle button
* Black-yellow contrast button
* Color inversion button
* Button to highlight all headings on the site
* Button to highlight all links on the site
* Button displaying alternative descriptions for images on hover
* Button displaying fixed descriptions for images on the site
* Button to disable fancy font usage
* Button to increase font size on the site
* Button to decrease font size on the site
* Button to enlarge the display to 200%
* Button to reduce the display to 70%
* Button to increase the mouse pointer size
* Button to increase the mouse pointer size and change its color to black
* Site’s reading mode button
* Button displaying the accessibility statement
* Reset button to cancel accessibility settings
* Language switch and accessibility statement change based on the toolbar language

Accessibility Toolbar:

The toolbar offers two types of zoom for your convenience. Additionally, for further text enlargement, use these keyboard functions:

* Press Esc to open or close the accessibility toolbar
* Ctrl + to enlarge text on the site
* Ctrl – to decrease text on the site
* Ctrl 0 to reset the site to its original size
* Spacebar to scroll the site downward
* F11 to toggle fullscreen mode


We are dedicated to making our websites accessible to all individuals, irrespective of disabilities. While striving for accessibility for the majority, there might be elements that are not yet accessible or lack appropriate technology. However, rest assured, we are committed to continuously improving accessibility without compromise.

Accessibility in Branches:

Tel Aviv Port Exhibition Hall, Location – Street

* Accessible store entrance
* No disabled services in the hall; available in the port’s complex
* Assistance stand for the hearing impaired in the store

Additionally, at the Tel Aviv Port complex:
Accessibility arrangements:

Parking in the Complex (divided into several lots):

* Designated disabled parking spaces throughout the complex for private cars and large vehicles with a lift, clearly marked for easy identification.
* Ramps facilitating continuous movement between parking and walkways.
* Leveled and wheelchair-accessible parking surfaces.
* Free parking (up to 24 hours) for vehicles with a disabled permit.
* Payment machines displaying a text (SMS) communication option instead of audio.
* Height-adjusted payment machines for people with disabilities.
* Accessible restroom cubicles with prominent markings for identification.
* Tactile paving and color contrasts for identification on staircases and taps throughout the complex.

Accessibility approvals for public areas:

* Tel Aviv Port Complex – Accessibility Approval from November 3, 2017, granted by accessibility consultants Eli Ronkin and Olga Savitsky on behalf of ‘Accessibility for All.’
* Eastern Promenade and North of the Port Complex – Accessibility Approval from November 7, 2016, granted by architect Avi Vorshevski.

This statement ensures clarity and comprehensiveness in communicating our dedication to accessibility. If you need further assistance or encounter accessibility-related issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For any accessibility-related inquiries, please contact our Accessibility Coordinator,

Amir Levy, at:

Phone: +972545333993 Email: nextdoordigi@gmail.com

We appreciate your feedback and are dedicated to providing an inclusive experience for all our visitors.

The exhibition space in Tel Aviv

Exhibition 1 (Port of Tel Aviv)
Sunday-Thursday 09:00-19:00,
Friday 13:00 – 09:00


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