Our materials / Next Door combines knowledge and experience with the use of the highest quality, most advanced materials

Solid wood

A wide variety of different types of natural solid wood at a high level of processing and quality, guaranteeing long-lasting use and beauty.


Varied and unique types of metals, including steel, iron, stainless steel, and more, with the ability to reach a level of finish tailored to each customer.


Combining a variety of glasswork in different projects for a unique design and style.

Brass metal

Nextdoor prides itself on unique capabilities that guarantee an accurate design result.


A wide variety of natural veneer shades guarantee luxury and accurate performance.


Using the highest quality and most advanced forging, ensuring peace of mind over the years.

The exhibition space in Tel Aviv

Exhibition 1 (Port of Tel Aviv)
Sunday-Thursday 09:00-19:00,
Friday 13:00 – 09:00


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